Road Linking Barawa Town to Ethiopia to be Built

The Administration of Southwest extensively explained about expected plans to construct long road that connects Bawara town till the border of Somalia with Ethiopia as well as building the sea and air ports of the coastal town of Somalia.

The local Minister for Ports of Southwest State Warsame Mohamud Dakane who spoke to Goobjoog News said it was recently that agreements were signed in Baidoa town regarding these programs.

The whole programs will costs more than US$500 million and is sponsored by the World Bank. It will be implemented mostly by foreign companies.

Speaking on the length of the road that will link Barawa town to the border with Ethiopia on the Eel BArde side of Somalia is 534Km.

All these programs will commence at the end of Ramadan as narrated by the local Minister for Ports Warsame.

“Starting from Barawa till the border with Ethiopia through Eel barde is 534Km. The seaport and airport will begin their constructions the coming months. We are supported by the World Bank and other organizations. The road construction expense has been taken by a group. The seaport and airport is also taken by another group. We shall display when everything is ready. They [groups] did not mention a particular time [to start the work] but in our hopes we think at end of this month or the next one. The money is huge but they said the total is US$500 million” said local Minister for Ports Warsame.

These programs of building the sea, air ports and the long road from Barawa in the Lower Shabelle will be taken part by foreign companies including some based in Italy.

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