Roadside bombs targets SNA Convoy in Lower Shabelle region

Reports from Lower Shabelle region are indicating that Somalia national army forces convoy was targeted with two improvised explosive devices (IED) explosions which resulted in casualties.

The convoy was targeted at Sabiib and Balidoogle areas, as confirmed by the locals.

The first explosion targeted with a vehicle transporting troops, killing two soldiers and injured three others.

Similarly, a military fuel tank vehicle heading to Baladogle military airbase ran over a land mine bomb that was planted beside the road causing casualties but not yet disclosed.

President Mohamed Farmaajo visited the Sabiib last Friday as has hailed the military for successfully wresting control of Sabiib and Anole locations in Lower Shabelle after years of Al-Shabaab grip.

Sabiib was recaptured last month in a joint offensive by Somalia and AU forces. Al-Shabaab militants fled the area before the allied forces arrived. However, they detonated a car bomb destroying houses and other properties.

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