Security at Mogadishu airport is good and operations are normal says minister

Federal minister for aviation Mohamed Abdullahi Omaar termed the security of Aden Abdulle airport in Mogadishu as normal and operations are going well.

He mentioned that every Saturday they undertake a meeting particularly on the general security where different security departments that operate in the airport partake in the discussion.

“Every Saturday we hold a meeting on airport security and the safety standard is good and we have no fear” said Minister Omaar.

Additionally the minister said the airport operations are running as normal for 24 hours and no major changes have taken place. “Airport work is going on in a normal way day and night.”

Three days ago, the African Union forces’ heavily fortified base camp in Mogadishu announced through internal memo a lock-down for security sweep for five days in Halane camp which is closely adjacent to the airport.

In a similar move, last week US government also announced imminent threat faced by the airport and its citizens from Alshabab fighters and ordered all US nationalties to leave the premises and depart the country for safe heaven.

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