Security forces block roads in Mogadishu

The Somali federal government security forces have early Thursday morning blocked all the major roads in the capital Mogadishu.

Although it has not been announced why the roads were blocked, heavy security forces were seen in the main roads refusing the transport and private vehicles to use the roads.

Public transports were denied using the road linking KM-4 and KM-5 (Zoobe) crossings in Mogadishu.

The reason behind the road closure is still unclear, but many vehicles are stuck in the main roads of the capital Mogadishu which caused heavy jams in all the streets, the roadblocks at this time of the day were not previously been designated to the residents.

People who use this vast majority of employees and students are seen walking along the roads to reach their destination place.

Roadblocks in the capital Mogadishu have not been seen in the last months after Mogadishu stabilization forces were withdrawn from their checkpoints in the town.

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