Security Operation in Diinsoor Nets Suspects

The government forces have been conducting massive security operations in many areas under Diinsoor District region for the last 24 hours.
These operations were conducted in different suburbs of the town.

They were seen patrolling the main roads of the town which curtailed the movement of people and vehicles.

Diinsoor district commissioner, Ibrahim Shigshigow speaking to Goobjoog has commented on security operations carried out by Somali National Army (SNA) in that town.

“This operation is aimed at securing the area. To achieve this, the Government has also developed and will implement an elaborate relationship between the forces and the public,” he said.

He added “in the operation the soldiers combed the whole area and they apprehended several Al-Shabab suspects”

Meanwhile Somali government soldiers and AMISOM troops have conducted operations in bay region to beef up the security of the recaptured areas.

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