Security Operation in Jalalaqsi Nets Suspects

suspectsA Major security operation in Jalalaqsi town of Hiran region has reportedly netted several key Alshabab suspects, and this came after SNA and AMISOM got tipped about planed attacks by the group.

Omar Mohamed Kunteenar the commander of government forces there has told Goobjoog that they managed to arrest 5 suspects and are closing in on others who might be evading arrest.

“Two of the suspects were armed at the time of the arrest and we are investigating” said the commander.

He further said that they are about to dismantle Alshabab secret cells operating in the district and would do everything to neutralize the sleeping cells so as to prevent breeding ground for extremism.

But he is worried about the dire situation still facing residents due to the siege by Alshabab on the town. Prices have gone up dramatically, shelves are running empty in the shops and food aid is not getting there.

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