Security sweep in Jowhar nets several suspects





Somali security forces have been intensifying security operations in Jowhar town for the last 24 hours.
These operations which commenced on wee hour of Saturday have spread out to many localities neighbouring jowhar town.
Mohamed Siyad Ali, Jowhar police commissioner, said that the government forces set off for security operation to trail individuals who were suspected intending to create insecurity in the district.
“The operations were intended to beef up the security of the town and as well as the whole district, the forces apprehended several suspected AL-Shabab members and they will be investigated thoroughly” he underlined.
Finally he called upon the public to work hand in hand with the security forces and forward any tip off leading the arrest of those terrorising the security of the town.
The government soldiers have been conducting security sweep to tighten the security of the town.

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