Sen. Abshir Axmad steps down as Goobjoog Media Group CEO to focus on Senatorial role

Goobjoog Media Group CEO Abshir Axmad ends his four year stint as head of the Mogadishu based multimedia company. His decision is based on need to concentrate of the new senatorial role. File Photo: Goobjoog News
Goobjoog Media Group CEO Abshir Axmad ends his four year stint as head of the Mogadishu based multimedia company. The Senator said in a statement Saturday the decision was based on need to concentrate on the new Senatorial role. File Photo: Goobjoog News

Galmudug Senator Abshir Axmad has stepped down as Goobjoog Media Group Chief Executive Officer a day after launching a television channel, Goobjoog Television.

In a statement to newsrooms Saturday, Axmad who founded the independent media outlet four years ago said his resignation as CEO was informed by the much greater role he is taking up as Galmudug state Senator noting his stay as CEO would likely pose a conflict of interest.

“I tender my resignation as Chief Executive Officer of Goobjoog Media Group to focus my attention on my role as the Senator of Galmudug state. It is not an easy decision for me to walk away from running the day-to-day affairs of this great media house considering the pivotal role it plays in highlighting pertinent issues in our country,” said Axmad.

Board member

The Senator noted however he would remain as the company’s board member ‘to offer strategic direction and guidance as needed but will have no say in editorial policies’.

The multimedia company which currently boasts of four radio stations, online news portal and a TV station was founded in 2012 running Goobjoog FM and has since exponentially grown both in coverage and quality.

Goobjoog TV

Goobjoog Television launched Friday in Mogadishu and will be broadcasting in Somalia and around the globe with the promise to providing cutting edge content and robust news coverage.

Senator Axmad recalled the four year journey Goobjoog Media Group has taken in championing public service journalism and advancing national discourse on matters of significance to the Somalia community both locally and internationally.

“From humble beginnings, we endeavored to make Goobjoog a formidable media house in the Horn of Africa, connecting the citizens of this great nation with government, civil society and the international community.”

Editorial independence

Despite remaining as board member, the senator assured the media outlet of editorial independence noting this was essential in building a professional media house with unparalleled loyalty to the public. Lasting peace and economic prosperity, the senator hinged on a nonpartisan media notably in addressing itself to the interests of the people.

“As board member, my intention is to avoid the likelihood of conflicting interest with my political assignment,” said Axmad and “To ensure Goobjoog Media Group upholds the basic tenets of world-class journalism. I also commit myself to advocating for the growth of the media industry in Somalia and will use my new senatorial role to advance this agenda at a legislative level.”

The outgoing CEO thanked all Goobjoog Media Group staff for their dedication in building a better country for Somalis locally and across the world.


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