Senator Abshir  says the launch of IDP children school in Adado was in line with his election manifesto









The Senator said the launch of the first two classrooms was in line with his election manifesto which seeks to advance the cause for children as the custodians of Somalia’s future.

Noting children especially from less privileged communities remained one of his key priorities as senator, Axmad said the enabling children the chance to education was the surest way to securing a stable and developed Somalia.

“Among the issues I represent as a Senator is advocating for the education of IDP children and children and those from poor communities in Galmudug. I am proud to serve these children whom I do believe in represent as Senator,” said Axmad.

To ensure the school gets sufficient number of teachers, the senator said he would mobilise graduates in the region to volunteer their skills in the school adding that some had already offered to help in teaching the pupils.

Observing that fixing Somalia’s challenges is not a difficult task as has been presented by many to be so, Senator Axmad said the small but consistent efforts went a long way in rebuilding the country while regaining the confidence of the public.

“I believe my passionate for this job will contribute in changing this country for good. I also hold the view that such steps as today’s will be instrumental in building the confidence of our people about the Senate,” the Senator noted.

The school’s slogan reads: Leaders of tomorrow are learning here.

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