Seven children succumb to diarrhea in Kahda IDP camp

The families of the seven children had fled Al-Shabaab rule in Lower Shabelle region

They fled Al-Shabaab iron grip in Lower Shabelle but their children are now facing another potent threat in their new abode in the outskirts of Mogadishu.

At an IDP camp in Kahda district in the outskirts of the capital Mogadishu, seven children whose families fled Sabiib and Anoole villages in Lower Shabelle region have died of acute watery diarrhoea while another 11 are receiving treatment.

Sabiib was captured early this month in a joint offensive by SNA and AU forces but not before the militants left a trail of destruction after they detonated bombs shortly before their downfall (see separate story).

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Mohamed Aweys who is one of the displaced people in the camp told Goobjoog News the situation in the camp was dire warning children were at risk of diarrhoea.

“So far seven children have died of diarrhoea and 11 others are still sick,” said Aweys. He said those who arrived from Sabiib and Anoole are yet to get any support and that their children are now very vulnerable to disease.

According to Aweys, some of the IDPs live under trees as there is no shelter for them.

“We are calling on the government and the local community to come to our aid,” said Aweys.

SNA Land Force Commander Gen. Odowaa Raage yesterday said the situation in Sabiib was now under control following the ouster of Al-Shabaab April 1.

Gen. Raage called on those who fled Sabiib during the Al-Shabaab reign to return noting the situation was now under control.


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