Sharia Court Sentences Government Soldier to Death in Gedo

GedoA Sharia Court has ruled that the family of slain deputy district commissioner to avenge his killing according to Islamic law.

The court finds one government soldier guilty of killing Ali Matan, the late Burdhubo deputy district commissioner on 31st January, 2015.

The commander of Somali National Army in the area Col. Osman Tux Haji told Goobjoog that both concerned families are happy with verdict.

“The verdict has been reached, but the person who supposed to avenge the killing according to the Islamic law is just 6 years old, and you know for someone to do this he has to be 15 years or older, now it’s up to the family for the slain deputy governor to wait until this kid reaches 15 years old or accept compensation, we are waiting their decision” says Col. Osman.

He further says that more than 20 soldiers were initially arrested for the murder of the deputy commissioner, but all but one are released.

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