Siege On Buloburde, Residents in desperate situation

Buloburde town and its surrounding areas face a grim future as their living conditions became hard due to the blockade of major trade routes leading to the major districts.
Mohamed noor Dabaashe, the spokesman of Hiraan administration who spoke to Goobjoog News said that the roads of the district are still impasse and residents are facing a hard situation which may become tragic if not respond quickly.

“The blockade of the major roads has seriously affected the livelihood of the residents of the town and its environs,” said Mohamed.

He noted that residents of the town are lacking social services and base needs such as food, water and medicine.

He added that locals are facing an acute shortage of water with no essential subsistence like food, shelter and medicine.

He blamed the federal government for failure to draw up the plan to break the siege.

He called humanitarian aid agencies to deliver emergency support and save the lives of the displace people before the situation becomes tragic.

Al-Shabab has laid two and half-year siege on the town, as well as several other towns recovered by AMISOM and SNA in the past years.

The siege has brought inconsiderable amount of suffering to the local population, food prices have skyrocketed, aid agencies couldn’t access the hunger stricken people

There are no ongoing initiatives to re-open the blocked roads by Al-Shabab in the district as to improve the accessibility of the major town by humanitarian aid agencies and large trucks transporting essential goods and services.

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