Six killed in inter-clan fighting in Abudwaq town

Six people were reported killed on Wednesday in renewed clashes between two clans in central Somalia.

The battle between local clan militias broke out in Abudwaaq town of the central Hiraan region.

“The situation is tense, the two sides are regrouping for a new conflict.” said Abdi Osman Ali, a resident in the town by phone.

Sources at the town’s hospital reported that at least six wounded victims were brought into the hospital as fears of a conflict mounts.

“Local elders are mediating between the warring clans and a cease fire has been called for ,” another resident said in the town.

Bosteeyo Jama’a Ali, a member of Galmudug Assembly has called for an end to fighting which has so far claimed the lives of innocent people in central Somalia.

“The elders in the town affected, to resolve their differences for a common good of the region,” said Ali, adding “The people in central Somalia should unite and ensure that their reconciliation meetings become fruitful for the benefit of their town and the entire country.”

Such fight for over grazing and water resources is not uncommon in that part of the war-torn horn of African nation which has been without a strong central government since 1991 after the overthrow of the late Somali leader Mohamed Siyad Barre.

Current Somali government, which is fighting off radical group of Al-Shabaab, is trying to spread its authority in areas taken from rebel forces in central and southern parts of the country.

Since the collapse of the Central government in 1991, Water, pasture and politics have been at the center of sporadic clashes between Somali tribes across the country.

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