SNA and AMISOM Moves on Bulo Burde to Break Alshabab Siege

AMISOM-X-controlThere has been intense fighting between Somali National Army and AMISOM on one side and Alshabab fighters on the other after the peacekeepers and government forces finally moved to break Alshabab siege on Bulo Burde district, Hiran.

The troops started their offensive from Baladweyne, spreading themselves on the both sides of the main road linking Baladweyne and Bulo Burde, on the way they cleared villages and locations from Alshabab occupation.

According to reports coming to Goobjoog, there have been at least 6 casualties from the coalition forces, one of them from the peacekeepers.
But officials declined to comment on the new development until they reach Bulo Burde.

Alshabab has laid one year siege on Bulo Burde, as well as several other towns recovered by AMISOM and SNA in the past one and half years.

The siege has brought inconsiderable amount of suffering to the local population, food prices have sky rocketed, aid agencies couldn’t access the hunger stricken people.

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