SNA conduct military operations in Lower Shabelle Somalia

Somalia National Army (SNA) backed by allied AMISOM troops have launched a joint military operation to flush out Al-Shabaab militants in Lower Shabelle region and secure main supply routes in the area.

According to Goobjoog News, the Somalia National Army and AMISOM forces have launched attacks on Al-Shabaab bases in the suburbs near Afgoye district.

Awqooy village, 30 Km from Afgoye district, has been hit by heavy fighting clashes between government forces and Al Shabaab.

The operation is aimed of flushing al Shabaab out of the remaining strongholds in the country seeing as it has been defeated in most parts of the country.

The situation of the area remains calm and no casualties were reported from the leading operations officers of government forces in Lower Shabelle.

SNA backed with AMISOM has managed to drive out Al-Shabaab from mainly key towns in Somalia.

Lower Shabelle which once used to be Al-Shabaab stronghold is an agricultural and strategic town located in the southwest of the Somali capital Mogadishu.

The group is carrying out hit and run attacks in major towns under government and deadly explosions in the capital Mogadishu.

Goobjoog News

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