Somali forces recovers livestock from Al-Shabaab in Gedo

Somali forces in Bardhere district in Gedo region have recovered hundreds of livestock which had been forcefully taken from residents by Al-Shabaab.

The commander of the 49th Infantry Division, 43-year-old Mohamed Ali Abdullahi, told reporters that the operation took place in a 50-kilometre area of ​​Bardera district, killing al-Shabaab fighters and returning livestock.

“The operation was planned, we killed men who were al-Shabaab and we recovered goats and camels which the people had lost in the past,” he said.
The army officer noted his forces will continue to pursue al-Shabaab until they are driven out of the areas.

Al- Shabaab has been fighting with the government forces based in Gedo region which resulted in the displacement of civilians living the area.

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