SNA lift Al-Shabaab checkpoints in Hiiran region


Somali National Army supported with AMISOM troops in Hiiran region have been carrying operation aimed to lift Al-Shabaab checkpoints in the region.

Confirming on the operation, the force commander in the 5th Division, Farah Ali Waasuge, noted that the troops opened many al-Shabaab road barriers since the operation started from Beledweyn.

The commander also added that the security of the area they have seized from Al-Shabaab in the last days is safe and the troops will continue the operations until Al-Shabaab militants are eliminated from the region

Somali National Army and AMISOM troops continue to share intelligence in a bid to remove and decimate the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab from the remaining areas in the region.

Al-Shabab group has several bases in the area, where it often arranges attacks against the military bases belonging to Somali and foreign forces in the region.

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