Somali airspace re-established after a quarter of a century

Somali federal president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo cuts the ribbon to inaugurate the retaining of Somali airspace. He was flanked by federal minister Mohamed Abdullahi (Oomaar). Photo credit: Goobjoog Media.

Somalia has regained its airspace after more than 25 years following the collapse of the central government in the early 1990s through an event held today in Aden Abdulle International Airport in Mogadishu.

The event was inaugurated by the federal president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo who paid an extensive tour to the facility located in the airport and anxiously interacted with the staff on duty.

Speaking in the event, president Farmaajo noted the success attained today was a lengthy struggle and a campaign of will power.

“It is a great honour for us to witness this historical day to get back the management and control of our airspace. This matter did not come per chance but through hard work and determination as stated by the minister [for Transport and Civil Aviation]” said President Farmaajo.

He expressed his gratitude to all who took part to make this day a reality. “I thank God. I also thank the minister [for Transport and Civil Aviation], state minister and the director and all staff facilitators in the ministry. I also thank ICAO organization which managed our airspace for a long period.”

This new development is one of the achievements attributable to the Somali government according to president Farmaajo.

“This is the struggle by the government in the last 9 months with inputs of hard work and strong will to serve the Somali people whom we are responsible of. This is achieved through collaboration, lack of dispute. You know if disagreement and dispute exists in the government, every progress will come to a standstill” he said.

On the other hand, he shared with the attendants a second objective his government wants to achieve was how to secure the vast Indian Ocean that borders Somalis on the eastern side of the country to deter those who are blundering its resources.

“Today is a historic one. We possess our airspace in our hands and we control it. This is just the beginning to strengthen the nationhood. Our second goal God willing is to regain the control of our ocean which currently is out of our hands within a limited period of time which will not be violated by any entity thereafter” added President Farmaajo.

Separately he informed the attendants the resolve his government has taken against fighting corruption and how the financial institutions commended Somalia.

He called for unity and reminded the gathering on his intention to start reconciliation process in the country.

The ceremony was graced by some federal member state presidents, federal ministers, MPs, military officers, civil society and foreign dignitaries.

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