Somali business owners appeal to the federal gov’t of Somalia after their shops were looted in South Africa

Somali business owners in South Africa have appealed to the federal government of Somalia to address the disaster they are facing in South Africa.

Somali shops were targeted by looters on Thursday after the health ministry of South Africa announced an investigation into the alleged selling of suspected expired goods.

Yahya Abdiaziz, one of the business owners in South Africa, told Goobjoog News, “that they didn’t get help from the South African government when their properties were looted.”

“Crowds of people surged into the shops, looted the stock and in some cases burned the shop buildings down,” said Yahya.

Yahya also added, “that the looting of Somali merchants is growing more and added that they were given time to close up their business.”

Violence against foreigners grows up from time to time in South African, where poverty is common and jobs scarce.

South African shopkeepers often accuse foreign businesses of selling their goods too cheaply, undercutting the competition.

Despite the escalation of violence over the past years causing numerous deaths, the government has denied that there is xenophobia.

South Africa has seen troubling violence against immigrants in the recent years.

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