Somali Cabinet Approves Anti-terrorism Bill

Somali cabinet ministers met on Thursday to discuss on an anti-terrorism bill for the second time.
After long discussion, the cabinet approved the anti terror law that is meant to strengthen fight against terrorism in the country.
The bill which was previously passed by the cabinet was rejected by Somali federal parliament which requested be reviewed before the final approval for it be enacted as a law.
Speaking to the journalists after the meeting Government spokesman Ridwan Hajji has said the government will take tangible measures to improve security in the capital Mogadishu.
The bill anti-terrorism is part of the federal government’s strategy to combat militant groups that are trying to destabilise the country.
It will also empower law enforcement agencies in the country to effectively handle terror-related cases immediately.
If passed by the Parliament, the law is expected to target groups such as al-Shabab and any other illegally armed groups in the country.


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