Somali Cabinet approves Judicial Service Commission unanimously

The cabinet ministers of federal government of Somalia in their normal weekly meeting unanimously passed Judicial Service Commission on Thursday.
After the meeting Somali minister for Justice Abdullahi Ahmed Ilka Jir told the media that the cabinet discussed a number of issues including National judicial service commission submitted by his ministry.
Speaking to reporters at Premier office, Ilka Jiir said “ we e tried our best to pick up the most outstanding candidates in the terms of know- how and the experience”
He added “The nine members of the Commission as in accordance with article 109A of the provisional constitution the cabinet shortlisted these people.
1. Aydid Abdullahi Ilka-hanaf- the chief judges of high court
2. Dr. Ahmed Ali Dahir – the general attorney
3. Layer Maryam Xaji Mahmoud – Somali Law Society
4. Shrif Sheikh Mayow –Civil Society
5. Layer Isse Ahmed Warsme- Somali Law Society
6. Mr Ahmed Abdullahi Hussien –Civil Society
7. Mr Osman Shiekh Ibrahim- Civil Society”
National independent Electoral Commission and boundaries Commission were also approved by cabinet today.
Some analyst and political commentators believe that the government is running behind the schedule in the formation of these commissions

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