Somali commandos nab police chief in Lower Shabelle over roadblocks and extortion

The Somali army elite squad Sunday arrested a Leego police commissioner whom authorities said they have been tracking for mounting road blocks along the Banaadir-Lower Shabelle road and extorting road users.

The commissioner who was identified, God’or was apprehended on Sunday evening following allegations claiming his men mounted illegal road block.

The arrest was confirmed by Lower Shabelle governor, Abuukar Isaaq Al-Adaala who noted the troops raided God’or’s house where he was arrested from.

The officer is currently in custody as the investigations into his case are underway according to the administration

Lower Shabelle which is Somalia’s breadbasket has witnessed highest number of road blocks set up by gunmen in Somali National Army attire.

Motorists who travel on the highway between Benadir and Lower Shabelle have severally complained of extortion by militias who man the illegal roadblocks.

The federal government carried out several operations to remove the illegal roadblocks set by the men dressed in military uniform but no change was so far felt according to the owners and the drivers.

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