Somali federal government dispatches foreign engineers to Hobyo town

Somali federal government officials with foreign Chinese engineers today visited Hobyo Port, Galmudug state. Photo credit: Online.

Somali federal government today sent foreign Chinese engineers to Hobyo Port located in Galmudug state in the company of some federal ministers and MPs.

Speaking to Goobjoog News some hours ago, federal state minister of public works Ahmed Abdi Kariye noted their arrival in the coastal historical town which lies 200km south of Galkyo town.

Minister Kariye said the purpose of the visit was to assess the situation of the port by the Chinese engineers and possible reconstruction of the facility in order to accelerate some of the projects their groundbreaking stones were laid by the Somali president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo including tertiary education institutions, local airports and the port facility in the Somali central federal state.

The delegates sent by the federal government include federal deputy minister for ports and marine resources, state minister of port, Senator Abdi Qaybdid and other officials who hail from the state.

Late January 2018 president Farmaajo laid the foundation stone on the port among other projects when he officially toured the region including Puntland state.

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