Somali federal Parliament amends articles in Provisional constitution

Somali Federal Parliament has on this Wednesday made crucial amendment to article 60 and 136 of the provisional constitution to safe the country in the transitional period.

Article 60 of the current constitution [The term of office of the Federal Parliament is 4 years from the day of the announcement of the election results] amended to, the term of the office of Federal parliament ends from day that new parliament takes the oath.

The second article-136, clause two [In a referendum held concerning the Provisional Constitution as amended, held before the end of the first term of the House of the People, the electorate of the Federal Republic of Somalia may adopt the new Constitution by a majority vote in favor of the final version of this Constitution] amended to, referendums concerning the provisional constitutions will be held after the upcoming tenth Somali parliament replaces the current parliament.

208 of members of the parliament voted for the amendment of the articles. A surplus of the 2/3 votes required to amend an article in the constitution.


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