Somali Federal Parliament questions Mogadishu mayor over the selling of ex-parliament House

Somali Federal Parliament  on its 7th session discussed a number of important issues including the third reading of anti-money laundering and terrorism bill, swearing new MP and listening the report of finance committee.

The speaker of parliament declared closed door meeting tomorrow in which media is banned from participating. The closed door meeting  is expected to deliberate the the exactly role of Federal Parliament in 2016 electoral process.

The house also reviewed the attendance sheets of the MPs and reported to the disciplinary committee of the parliament to the names of  those who missed the parliament settings above 51%. A punitive measures including fines or loosing the seat will be employed against reported MPs. according to disciplinary committee.

in the meantime finance committee gave MPs briefing about the selling of ex-parliament house to the  private Tv called Universal by the new-mayor of Mogadishu. Later the mayor was called for questioning and he denied to have sold the House but said they want to turn in the house to public parking and the owner of Universal Television is asked to be part of the project.

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