Somali Football legend Saeed Duaale dies in Yemen

Somali Football legend Saeed Duaale, who was the top scorer in 1972 has died in Aden at the aged of 73 after a prolonged illness he suffered.

Saeed Mohammad Duaale was born in 1947 at Aden in Yemen. Duaale dominated the Somali Premier Division for over a period of ten years while playing for Booliiska FC, Bakaal FC, and most notably Horseed FC.

His most renowned performance came in 1972 when he almost single-handedly led Horseed FC to the CECAFA Club Cup. Horseed would go on to lose 2-1 in the final to Luo Union.

Following the tournament, Duaale was consistently named as the best player in East & Central Africa for the 1971-72 seasons. Duaale was also an elemental part of the Somali National Football team during the 1970s and 80s.

His fruitful, goal-scoring record and free-kick ability made him an instant fan favourite. Many of his records still stand today and he is widely considered one of the region’s best all-time players.

After officially retiring from his playing career, he became a lecturer in physical education in Aden, Yemen. He also served as a coach and ambassador for Al- Tilal FC Yemen’s oldest sports club.

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