Somali forces capture 5 villages in Middle Shabelle region


Somali forces Wednesday captured five villages in Middle Shabelle region pushing Al-Shabaab militants who have been occupying the areas as the forces reduce Al-Shabaab influence in the region.

Colonel Ali Alasow told the media the forces managed to wrest control of Qorah Madobe, Waraxley, War-Cise and Qab-duco and Qordhere villages as the militants left following information the forces were approaching.

“They (Al-Shabaab) saw the military coming from Raaga Ceele and they ran away from Qoordheere, War ciise, Qab duco, Wararaxleey and Qorax Madoobe,” the military chief said.

He added some of the soldiers were not advancing to other areas in the region as the forces seek to secure more ground against the militants.

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