Somali forces kill 25 Al-Shabaab fighters in southern Somalia

According to the defense forces media, the forces of Jubbaland and international partners are said to have killed 25 Al Shabaab militants in the port city of Sanguuni, 50km from the port city of Kismayo.

The division 43 army commander, Ismail Saxaradiid, speaking to the radio station, said it was a successful operation in Baar sanguuni area, noting that the operation was co-ordinate by the National Army and international partners.

The commander adding that “the Somali  national Army getting support from the American forces have attacked sanguuni town from two different directions and we took over the town with weapons and military equipment left by Al-Shabaab fighters”

He also said “that the operation done by Somali government soldiers in support from the the international partners have captured 35 Al-Shabaab fighters and took over the control of the town.”

Al-shabab figters have killed one and wounded four American soldiers on last Friday at sanguuni attack.

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