Somali foreign minister: We are still establishing the death toll of the Mediterranean tragedy

Somali foreign minister Abdisalam Hadliye says Somali government is busy to establish conclusively the death toll of Somali youth drowned in Mediterranean Sea.

Boats carrying about 500 migrants travelling on the Mediterranean sea mainly from Somalia and Ethiopia believed to have capsized inside Mediterranean sea getween 12 and 18 of this April . About 200-300 of them estimated to be Somalis.

Speaking to VOA Somali service Somali foreign minister Abdisalam Hadliye said they about to conclusively establish the death toll of Somali nationals ‘we are aware that that many Somali youth perished. Now we are collecting more information in our embassies in Egypt and Italy and as the time passes we will get enough information’

Survivals of the tragedy told Goobjoog news that only 23 people survived boasts carrying 500 people that left Egypt port city of Alexandria on 7th of this month.


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