Civil society calls on Federal government to intervene in Puntland-Somaliland clash

Puntland civil society members have called on the Somali government to intervene and stop the ongoing clashes between the breakaway Somaliland and Puntland forces.

The fighting claimed over ten lives for the last five days.

Dahir Omar Siyad who is the spokesman of Puntland Civil Society Members told Goobjoog News that there is an urgent need for federal government to intervene the situation and help solve it.

“We as the civil society we dislike any clashes, people are tired of conflicts, hundreds of thousands of people died because of this, more people were disabled, and more than that were displaced. The fighting in Sanaag is not exceptional, it’s very disheartening” Said Siyad.

On Monday morning, forces from Somaliland and Puntland clashed over a disputed strip of desert that has been the source of sporadic violence for years.

The fighting between the two forces erupted  at Booda-adde area, which is located near Baran town in Sanaag region

Somaliland, formerly the colony of British Somaliland, claims independence as a sovereign nation.

Puntland remains part of greater Somalia but generally administers its own affairs through its own military and government institutions.

The two have fought for years over the Sool and Sanag regions, part of which Puntland claim on an ethnic basis while Somaliland says they are part of its territory under the colonial border Britain left.


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