Somali government Conducts Consultations On The Citizenship Bill In London

The Federal Government of Somalia has extended consultations on the draft Citizenship bill to the diaspora in London. Officials led by the Federal Minister of State, Interior and Federalism Mr. Abdirashid Xidig met with the Somali diaspora to collect their views on the proposed law.

The bill seeks to address key of issues of nationality for the Somali, define who qualifies to be a Somali citizen is, what their rights and responsibilities are as well as key issues of dual citizenship.

The federal government is conducting consultations with the Somalis both at home and in the diaspora to ensure that their views are incorporated before this crucial legislation, that is essential to Vision 2016 is presented to Parliament.

Speaking during the meeting in London, the Federal Minister of State, Interior and Federalism Mr. Abdirashid Xidig said there are vast numbers of Somalis in the diaspora, whose views are as important.

“This law is very important, in the current situation, because the country is going into elections. The last general elections were held in 1960, since then a lot has changed. In 1960, we did not have the Somali diaspora that term did not exist.

Currently, nearly half the Somali population leaves abroad in different countries. In that regard it is important to consult with them before we forward the bill to the Federal Parliament,” said the Minister. Participants at the consultation meeting commended the government for the initiative. Seema Malhotra, Member of Parliament for Feltham and Heston said, “The strong bond between the Somali community abroad and those at home still remains. I see that in my constituency every day.

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