Somali government forces launch security operations in Eel-Buur district

Somali national Army backed by AMISOM troops intensified search operations in areas under Eel-Buur district on Wednesday, arresting Al-Shabab suspects and launching strenuous manhunt.
Mohamud Mohamed, the commander of SNA in Eel-Buur district who gave exclusive interview to Goobjoog News said that their Soldiers supported by AMISOM troops have carried out security operation to annihilate Al-Shabab fighters in areas sorounding Eel-Buur town.
“Our soldiers conducted crackdown in many areas under Eel-Buur district after we got complains from the public, we apprehended number of Al-Shabab suspects who were disturbing the local residents in these areas and soon we shall weed out the remaining ones” Mohamud said.
Al-Shabab fighter has earlier sent warning to Eel-buur residents not to take food aid brought by Somali federal government intended for displaced people in that district.
The administration of Buur-hakaba district of Bay region states that the security forces have launched security operations to arrest armed men who set illegal roadblocks in the region.

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