Somali Government In Contact with IAEA over Uranium Deposits




Somali Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Mohamed Muktar Ibrahim has talked about the Somalia’s Mineral Resources saying that they have made contacts with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on the controlling of minerals that can be use chemical weapons.

He noted they are taking measures to prevent raw materials like Uranium to fall into the hands wrong people.

In an exclusive interview he gave to Universal TV, the minister highlighted that they also held talks with UNDP which had information on mining depots in the country as it has surveyed on the country’s mineral deposits in the years between 1965 and 1975.

In a UN report released in 1968 shows that Somalia is a hotspot for uranium.

Somali government is busy amending some provision in the Mineral Law 1984 and compliance with the current conditions in the country now.

The minister said that his ministry has opened talks with regional states such Puntland, Interim Jubba Administration, Interim South-West State and had agreed upon the establishment of a joint committee to work on ways to deal with wealth distribution among the federal units and the Federal Government.

The remarks comes after reports of Kilimanjaro mining company emerged which claimed the company has signed agreement with Somali government to explore Somalia’s uranium deposit in Afgoye and Qoryooley towns, but Somali government distanced the report.

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