Somali government plans to give chance young people in 2016 election, PM says

Somalia’s Prime Minister Omar Abdirshid has said his government plans to give young people chance to participate the upcoming 2016 elections.

Well organized meeting held at the premier’s office that brought together over fifty young people and law makers was discussed the role of young people in the country’s political issues.

Speaking at meeting with the youth, Sharmarke said young people can contribute ways to find democratic changes.

“Young people have to come up with changes, cooperation and trustship between them in order to move forward and work on their future” said Sharmarke.

He added “My government is the only government that gave the young sizable positions. Remarkably 80% of the current civil servants are young people especially the product our home universities.”

Unemployment and poverty in Somalia have forced many young people to emigrate in search of a better life through perilous journeys across deserts and seas.

Every year, Tens of thousands of African migrants risk their lives to try and enter Europe on unseaworthy boats in search for a better life. Many die atrocious deaths – beaten, thrown overboard, eaten by sharks, drowned or asphyxiated in the hold of crowded smuggler boats.

Despite of the war in Yemen which has caused many to flee and humanitarian crisis, Somalia immigrants are still determined enough to cross the dangerous sea and reach the gulf country.

Last Month, Boats carrying about 500 migrants travelling on the Mediterranean Sea mainly from Somalia and Ethiopia believed have capsized where majority of the migrants drowned.

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