Somali Government puts Bounty on Al-Shabab leaders

Somali government on Thursday placed $ 250000 bounty on the head of Al-Shabab leader Ahmed Diiriye. The successor of Ahmed Abdi Godane who was killed in US airstrikes in September 2014.
Thursday’s cabinet meeting led by Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid was focused on wide rang issues including the misery livelihood situation of Somali refugees in Yemen, the security and the recent Al-Shabab attack on Garissa University college which claimed over 150 Kenyan citizen lives mostly students.
The cabinet also offered sum of money ranging from 100000 to 150000 which will be awarded to everyone who helps with an information that could lead to the whereabouts and the arrest of Mahad Warsame Galay aka Mahad Karate, Ali Mohamed Raage pseudonym Ali Dhere, Abdullahi Abdi known Daud Suheyb, Mohamed Mohamud Noor aka Sultan, Ali Mohamed Hussein known as Ali Jeesto, Hassan Mohamed Afgoye, Abdullahi Osman, Mohamed Abdi Muse Mohamed, Mohamed Mohamud aka Gama-Dhere, a former Kenyan teacher whom Sh20 million bounty has been placed on hid head of being the mastermind of Garissa University College attack and Yasin Osman Kilwa.
Al-Shabab has executed several individuals whom they accused of spying for federal government and African union peace-keeping troops therefore this may undermine possibility of getting someone to forward Al-Shabab tips off though the government strictly guaranteed that all kinds of sources and persons helping to give full information of Al Shabab leaders will be dealt with strictly confidential, while it noted the need to protect the rights and the privacy of every citizen.

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