Somali military colonel Mohammad Kariye Arale denies that he was arrested by Ethiopian troops

Colonel Mohammad Kariye Arale of Somali National Army called the news that he was detained by Ethiopian troops in Beledweyne “baseless”. On Monday several local news outlets published that the colonel was arrested and tortured by Ethiopian troops in Baladwene.

“I was not arrested by Ethiopians. Of course Iam Beldwene but I as I speak Iam in a Somali military base not in Ethiopian base.” Said the colonel

But Eilbour district commissioner told reporters different version of story. Speaking to reporters Abdi Hassan Biya Qote said the colonel was arrested by Ethiopian troops after he involved the killing of Alshabab defector. He did not specify the nature of killing or whether the man was agent of Ethiopian troops.

Somali defense ministery did not give comments about the case of Colonel Mohammed Kariye Arale

Ethiopian troops in Somalia has previously arrested Somali government officials and extradited to Ethiopia.


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