Somali military court executes two female journalist killers

A Somalia military court has executed two men at a police academy in Mogadishu on Saturday found guilty of killing female journalist Hinda Haji Mohamed in December.

The defendants had appealed the first ruling but the military court upheld the verdicts which had first been passed on February 25.

Firing squad carried out the execution in the presence of security forces commanders and family and relatives of Hinda.

It’s not the first time that Somalia executed convicted criminals and suspected militants.

Journalists in the city say the execution of the two was a big relief for Somali journalists who lost their colleague in the hands of these men.
“This execution today is an act of justice since the criminals killed a female journalist who was the serving the public and this will discourage other criminals to carry out pre-planned attacks,” a local journalist who identified himself as Abdi said.

Hinda Hajji Mohamed succumbed to injuries which she sustained after improvised explosive device (IED) planted under the driver’s seat of her car exploded near KM4 road of Mogadishu on December 3rd last year.

She was until her death working with Radio Mogadishu and National Television.

Her late husband, Liban Ali Noor who was the head of programs at the State owned Radio and Television (SNTV/Radio) together with Abdishatar Dahir Sabriye died in explosion occurred at The Village Restaurant in Mogadishu September 20, 2012

Somali military court has often carried out executions against alleged Al-Shabaab fighters who frequently target politicians and as well Somali government officials.


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