Somali Military Launchs Operations to Truck down Robbers in Leego

Reports from Lower Shabelle region state that Somali National Army (SNA) troops intensified search operations in Leego locality.

the troops reportedly launched strenuous manhunt after unidentified gunmen robbed passengers in the area.
Leego division commissioner, Abuukar Issack Al-Adaal who spoke to Goobjoog News said the troops tracking the robbers who are said to be hiding out in the area.
“Government soldiers in collaborating with local residents are carrying out manhunt to apprehend the culprits” Mr. Issack said.
He added that safety of the passengers and public vehicles operating Leego and the surrounding areas is their responsibility and that they will do everything their means to track down the robbers.
“The crimes will increase if we fail to react early enough therefore with help of Allah, these culprits will arrest and take them before the justice” Mr Issack vowed.

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