Somali Ministry of Health confirms 8th COVID 19 case in Mogadishu

Somali Ministry of Health confirms the 8th Covid_19 case in Mogadishu; the ministry identified the patient as a 58-year-old male of Somali citizen with no travel history.

The statement comes during Health deputy minister last Monday warns possible spread of COVID19 after a resident with no travel history tests positive in Banadir region.

The total cases recorded in Somalia raised to 8 patient which could lead governments to started tracing local people who may have come in contact with the cases found.

The government of Somalia increased effort to protect the public and combat COVID19 leaving all international flight and local flight ban in addition to close Schools, Universities and Public gathering. Ministry of Health also announced yesterday the National Public Health Reference Laboratory testing for COVID19 has been implemented in Mogadishu.

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