Somali National Army Captures Buurwein Locality

Reports from Hiraan region state that Somali National Army backed by Djibouti contingent under African peacekeeping mission in Somalia (AMISOM) has took over the control of Buurweyn which lies 28 km South of Bulla-Burde town.
The commander of section 10 of Somali National Army in Hiraan region, Osman Abdi Mumin who gave exclusive interview to Goobjoog News told that SNA soldiers seized Buurwein locality after they carried out massive operation to liberate the area.
“After brief gun battle our soldiers managed to dislodge Al-Shabab from the area” he said.
He added that they captured three suspected Al-Shabab fighters during the operation though Al-shabab did not comment on the claims made by SNA commander and whether some of their fighters fell into the hands of the government forces.
It was 7th of this month when Somali government forces engaged in gun battle with Shabab fighters in Abooray locality.
Somali National Army together with African Union peace-keeping troops have pushed out Al-shabab from Bulo-burte 2014, since then Al-shabab carried out several deadly attacks against the bases of allied forces and government institutions.

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