Somali national army intensify operations against Alshabab fighters along river Shabelle regions

Somali national army (SNA) has intensified its military operations against Alshabab fighters along the Middle and Lower Shabelle regions.

SNA General Commander Abdullahi Ali Anood described the situation his troops are engaged in where he confirmed an incident in which they killed 3 insurgents while injuring another 4.

The battle took place in the outskirts of Basra location in Middle Shabelle and took limited hours of confrontation.

Alshaab did not released information regarding the battle.

The security operations which is under way along the border of the two Shabelle regions is one of the war strategies to fight against Alshabab on all fronts following the declaration of war by the Somali president earlier this month.

Late October six people perished after a minibus they were travelling in set off a roadside land mine in Walmoy location in the Lower Shabelle region on its way to Bal’ad town, Middle Shabelle.

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