Somali NOC president announces new development plans after re-election

The president of Somali National Olympic Committee, Abdullahi Ahmed Tarabi, has announced new development initiatives, after he was re-elected for another four year-term in office on Saturday.

In his post election address, the president first thanked the stakeholders for unanimously voting him to retain presidency.

“Retaining leadership means nothing, but what makes a big sense for me is that you have given me
another great opportunity to lead our sport to a greater development. The development plans I have are more and I am sure that together we can create a better future for Somalia sport in general” the president said in
his post election address on Saturday.

“Now we have nearly four years to the next Olympic Games, We want Somalia to make a difference during the Olympic Games. To reach our target, we will start very early preparations from mid this year. I know our
financial capacity is very small as we only depend on the annual assistance we get from the IOC, but we are committed to making a change at whatever cost” president Abdullahi Ahmed Tarabi explained.

The new strategic plans the president announced include: Developing of schools sport cross the country, Identification of young talents and support whole year campaign and trainings and the launch of a number of
grassroots programs for different sport.

Meanwhile, for the first time Somalia brought in a female vice president, Fadumo Ali Nur, a former basketball player who will serve as Somali NOC 2nd vice president, while Ahmed Abdi Hassan is senior vice president and
Ibrahim Shamow was elected as 3rd vice president.

Long-time serving deputy secretary General and treasurer, Mohammad Abdo Hagi, was elected as secretary General.

The young age man, a former Somali National football team member, who has long been known as the driving
machine of Somali NOC secretariat has promised to reform the secretariat.

“There will be somebody in our secretariat who will be specially in charge of maintaining relations with our member-federations and national sports associations such a person didn’t exist before and we are doing this
because we have to be more aware of our stakeholders” the new Somali NOC secretary general said in a statement.

“Our plans also include: to train secretariat staffers for our member-federations, national sports associations and regional zones because when we have well-trained secretariat members everywhere in the
country, we will be able to help develop our sport” Somali NOC secretary General and treasurer, Mohammad Abdo Hagi, said.

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