Police unearth cache of explosives in Mogadishu suburb

Somali police forces last night unearthed dozens of explosive materials and components for making bombs in the outskirts of Mogadishu follwoing a public tip-off.

The security forces have searched for an underground site after a tip from locals in Elasha Biyaha according to a source.

The General deputy police commissioner Zakia Hussein Ahmed has confirmed to the media the police have found a reserve of weapons including explosive materials, suicide belts, remote detonators, grenades, cartridges, ammunition, wires and other substances used for Improvised explosive devices (IED).

Zakia added that the troops have also nabbed 35 Al-Shabaab suspects in Afgoye town and 14 others in Sabiid town of Lower Shabelle region of Somalia.

Security forces have been conducting a house to house operations in the capital Mogadishu to eliminate Al-Shabaab from the city.

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