Somali president commends Galmudug forces over Al-Shabaab defeat

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has commended Puntland forces for victory over Al-Shabaab who came the area after they were mantled by Puntland forces following weeklong combat.

In a press statement obtained by Goobjoog News on Saturday, President Mohamud said that the defeat of Al-Shabaab fighters indicates how people of these regions are eager to get peace and stability in their areas.

“I welcome, and congratulate brave Galmudug forces on the victory over Al Shabaaab fighters who were previously disintegrated by Puntland forces,” said Mohamud.

“Somalia Federal Government and regional administrations stand in unity in the fight against insurgent groups,” added the president.

The comment less than 24 hours after Galmudug said its forces killed 23 Al-Shabaab militants were killed and 13 others captured by Galmudug forces in heavy fighting in Mudug in northern Somalia.

Galmudug Information minister, Mohamud Adan Osman who spoke to Goobjoog News said 7 of the Galmudug soldiers were injured during the battle with Al-Shabaab fighters who stormed the region early Thursday.

“We are in heavy battle with Al-Shabaab terrorist group in the region. Our forces have killed 23 of the militants and 13 others were captured during the fighting” Osman said.

There was no immediate comment from Al-Shabaab, which usually gives far lower numbers of casualties on its side and much higher death tolls for the government forces.

Al Shabaab has been driven out of major strongholds in Somalia by AMISOM and Somali army offensives launched last year. But the group still controls some rural areas and often launches guerrilla-style assaults and bomb attacks.

Being exerted on pressure from different sides, Al-Shabaab seems to have diverted their operations to northern part of Somalia.



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