President Mohamud in Baladweyne for second day to broker state formation stalemate

Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is holding talks with traditional elders for the second day in Baladweyn town a day after protests against him broke out in the town.

Somali government aims to reconcile Hiiraan and Middle Shabelle clan elders following a misunderstanding that brought to a halt the state formation convention in Jowhar town.

President Mohamud who reached Baladweyn on Friday to break the stalemate that blocked the progression of state formation conference, has made several attempts to appease the traditional elders after they boycotted conference in Jowhar town.

On Saturday three people were injured after hundreds of Baladweyn residents took the streets to protest against the president.

This week, Hiiraan elders have set tough terms on the formation of regional state with its neighboring Middle Shabelle region, demanding that their region being undivided since independence is senior and therefore should be allocated a higher number than Middle Shabelle.

Middle Shabelle and Hiiran state would be the second to be formed in the recent times after the conclusion of the Adado Conference in July which saw the creation of Galmudug State.

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