President Framaajo meets Chamber of Commerce officials over drought

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has today held talks with Somali chamber of Commerce officials over ongoing drought situation in the country.

Sources privy to the meeting told Goobjoog News the meeting discussed the severe drought that is ravaging most parts of the country and modalities to marshal support.

Somali president said the drought has widely affected the country, worsening in some areas and called on traders to aid their brothers and sisters suffering from severe drought.

The chamber was headed by its chairman, Mohamed Abdi Gabeyr.

Mr Gabeyre has said the business community will stand the support the newly president and his government to deal with the acute drought that perished thousands of livestock.

A food crisis in the Horn of Africa caused by both drought and rising food prices has been deemed a famine in almost parts Somalia.

Pastoralist families are facing a serious shortage of water and pastures after several water points dried up the last few months as a result of dry spell that has hit in many parts of Somalia.

Thousands of Somalis have fled the countryside in search of food and water, trekking for days under scorching sun toward camps in major towns.

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