Somali senators attempt to offer a humanitarian aid to IPD people in Baidoa town

Somali senator Ilyas Ali Hassan speaking yesterday to the media in Baidoa town, Southwest state. Photo credit: Goobjoog Media.

Somali Senate committee chairperson on national resources and economic growth announced yesterday their intention to extend a supporting hand to IDPs reaching around 2,000 people in Baidoa town, Southwest state, Somalia.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, the committee chairperson Senator Ilyas Ali Hassan who is in the town said they visited local IPDs to get first hand information on the human condition of the displaced persons living in the overcrowded camps.

“Immediately after arriving in the town, we started to gather information on the multiple IDPs in the area. We visited many places that portrayed need for assistance like IDP camps, hospitals, watering wells. There are numerous problems in the region we expect to be tackled in the near future” said Senator Hassan.

Senator Hassan is in the company of several federal politicians including senators and ministers.

The team is led by the Somali federal minister of Fishery and Marine Resources.

Goobjoog News

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