Somali Women condemns the rape of five female passengers in Lower Shabelle

Benadir regional Women Organization has condemned the rape of five female passengers by gunmen in Lower Shabelle region.

The chairlady of the association, Jawaahir Baarqab speaking to Gooobjoog News has expressed concern over the incident.

It is inhuman act, we need to create awareness to protect the rights of Somali woman, we have to say ‘zero tolerance’ of violence against women, culturally and religiously, the person’s dignity is needed to respected well” she said.

She added “ It is the responsibility of every Somali citizen to protect these innocent women falling in the traps of those merciless gang so that eliminate these uncouth culture”

The organization appealed for justice over the women’s case who despite surviving their rape, are facing stigma and discrimination from their community.

“The perpetrators need to be brought to justice for these innocent women to feel safe again and to continue their daily life routine in the country” she said.

This comes two days after Mareeray chief, Sayid Baale Mayow speaking to Goobjoog has expressed concern over security of the roads leading to that town.
“At least five female passengers have been raped for last 24 hours and the mounted roadblocks are increasing day after day” he said.

It was mid July when A 15-year old girl was gang-raped in Mogadishu by two unidentified armed attackers, according civil society organizations in Somalia.

Iqra Osman Mohamed was raped after the attackers forced her off a mini-bus taxi as she was returning to her residence after visiting her sick sister at a hospital in Mogadishu.

The rapists who are said to be the taxi driver and his assistant threatened her with a knife not to scream shortly after the car started moving.

Ilqra was studying in the teacher training program at Mogadishu University after she was granted a scholarship in January this year.

SWDC and SIHA have strongly condemn the practice in Somalia where victims of rape and those supporting them including parents and relatives are criminalized, harassed, and humiliated, often at the hands of police and authorities.

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