Somalia appreciates IRCS’s humanitarian services

The Head of Somalia Red Crescent Society in a letter addressed to his Iranian counterpart appreciated the humanitarian aids of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRSC) to the Somalian people.
Ahmad Muhammad Hassan in his letter to Seyyed Amir Mohsen Rezaie said that the Somalian Red Crescent Society fully appreciated the Iranian Red Crescent Society for its generous medical services offeredto the people of Somalia.

‘These contributions, no matter how small they might be, make great differences in the lives of the needy people in Somalia and the Somalian Red Crescent Society is eagerly waiting for continuation of cooperation with the Iranian Red Crescent Society,’ read the letter in part.

The Iranian Red Crescent Society has a medical center in Somalia which offers medical services to the Somalians free of charge.

The IRSC Medical Center in Somalia also offers medical and health care training courses and distributes dried milk and medicines to the people in need there free of charge.

The IRSC now has 29 hospitals and medical centers in 19 African and Asian countries.
Source: IRIN

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