Somalia exports over 2000 cattle to Yemen and Oman

lo2Somalia has shipped livestock to Oman and Gulf aden’s war torn country, Yemen, a move that will boost the country’s economy.

A ship carrying over 1900 herd of cattle sailed from Somalia’s largest port in Mogadishu to Oman.

Another ship loaded with over five hundreds cattle has set off for Yemen.

It will boost the revival of Somalia’s economy and soon more countries will demand our livestock, ’’ said Mohamed Ali Osman, a trader who exports livestock from Somalia.

Earlier this year, a ship carrying over 2,000 herd of camels docked at the strategic port of Suez Egypt after the Egyptian government lifted a ban on the livestock.

About two decades ago, Somalia was among the African countries that Egypt imposed a ban on exports of live cattle, sheep and goats from.

Livestock is the mainstay of the Somali economy, contributing 40 percent to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Somalia recorded one of its highest exports of livestock in a single year since the collapse of the central government in 1991 by transporting 5 million livestock to markets in the Gulf of Arabia, according to FAO.


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